Thursday, January 29, 2015

Twin Shdow's Third Album 'Eclipse' Announced for March

Twin Shadow is back with a brand new album this year. It was announced through his webpage that the new album will be entitled 'Eclipse' and that it will feature eleven brand new tracks. The first official single to be taken from the album will be "Turn me Up" which was recently premiered on his official page. Album's release date is set for March 17th.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Primavera Sound Festival Announced / Trailer to OMD's Enola Gay

The Primavera Sound Festival announced its full line-up yesterday. The line up will include OMD and many other interesting names like, Interpol, Einstürzende Neubauten, The KVB, Twin Shadow, Perfume Genius, Belle and Sebastien. Check out the trailer for this great festival to the sounds of great OMD's classic "Enola Gay" to see the rest of the line up. The festival will be held between 28-30th in Barcelona.

Giorgio Moroder Announces New Album with Possible Collaborations

News have spread about the new Giorgio Moroder album which is to be released this year. The album will be entitled '74 is the new 25' and it will be his first studio release in more than 20 years. This album will include collaborations with Sia, Charli XCX,  Kylie Minogue and others. Still waiting for the official release dates to be confirmed. Meanwhile check out the latest single "Right Here, Right Now" in collaboration with Kylie Minogue which is out this week.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Retrovision: Humpe & Humpe- Ya-Ma-Ha

The duo Humpe & Humpe already had a prominent music history in Germany before forming Humpe & Humpe in 1985. Humpe & Humpe were Annette and Inga Humpe who wrote and produced most of the songs released on two albums in two years time. This is a thirty years anniversary of their second single "Ya-ma-ha" which was a an imitation of Japanese song with some Asian-style and Lyrics composed of a variety of Japanese brand names.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boys Say Go- Easy to Move Compilation

Dead Wax Records have released "Easy to Move" a compilation of previously unreleased material by Boys Say Go. During the 80's deaced the band recorded a whole array of new wave songs of which only two were released as singles. This new compliation will include ten songs including a great cover of Sylverster's "Do You Wanna Funk?". 

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Next Wave: Cult Club

Every year brings new excitement, great music, new bands and interesting collaborations. Here is a perfect kick off; a brand new project by Sally Dige Jørgensen whose music/videos we already featured on our blog. Sally has teamed up with Laslo Antal who has been the driving force behind the music of Sixth June since 2010. Both  multi-disciplinary artists and performersshare their passion for music, art and visual aesthetics. They have revealed several music videos up to know and 2015 looks promising for them. Stick around for more.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dimension Gondry: Stina Nordenstam- Little Star

Changing the course a little bit on DG with this video feature. It was quite normal and unusual for Gondry compared to other videos he directed. But we decided to feature this because we love the song. It was taken from her second album and the song gained wider popularity after it was featured in a Romeo and Juliet movie.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kim Wilde and Talk Talk Triple Album Reissues

Parlophone Label Group (Plg) has announced a series of triple album collection reiusses for this month. Most interesting for us are the Kim Wilde and Talk Talk reissies. The label will release the first three studio albums by both artists. The Kim Wilde Reissue collection will include the albums 'Kim Wilde', 'Select' and 'Catch as Catch Can' released between 1981-1983 and as of for Talk Talk, their reissue collection will feature their synth-pop era albums 'The Party's Over', 'It's My life' as well as their more organic orientated third album 'The Colour of Spring' from 1986. More info about the The triple album releases through Amazon, out January 9th.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's like, It's 1985

Happy New Year everyone. We are back on the track and hope that 2015 will be another great year in music. We will continue with the Dimension Gondry and are looking forward to new artists, great videos and exciting interviews. As you are already know every year we celebrate a 30 years anniversary from a particular year in our favorite decade. This year we will go back to 1985. Stick around for the album list poll coming soon. Meanwhile, a par excellence art pop from 1985.