Monday, June 29, 2015

IAMX Announce new Album to be Released in Fall

IAMX have announced the release of a brand new album this fall. This is going to be their sixth studio album which will be entitled 'Metanoia'. The first single is called ‘Happiness’ and features the remix by Gary Numan. It has been released worldwide as a single on all digital outlets on June 19th. To promote the album release, they have also announced a tour which will include more than 20 European shows.

New Order Announced a New Album for September

New Order will return in September with their 10th studio album entitled "Music Complete'. It's the follow up to their 2005 studio release 'Waiting For The Siren’s Call' and it sees keyboardist Gillian Gilbert returning for the first time since 2001’s 'Get Ready'. The album will include 11 tracks and will be available in a number of formats and it is set for release on September 25th.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top 50 Singles- Readers' List-1985

Musically not so strong like 1984, but still a very important year in music history when Bob Geldof and Midge Ure launched the Live Aid. Certainly the biggest event and the first of such kind whose purpose was to raise awareness of poverty and famine in some African countries. "Do They Know It's Christmas Time" was the official anthem for it. The year 1985 brought a huge milestone for the music industry, as the first album was officially released on CD. It was a debut album of Dire Strait's 'Brother in Arms', which also remained one of the best selling albums to date. New Wave Gold dream slowly vanished into decadence and the world was waiting for the new genres and new kids.
After the Album countdown on which New Order won with 'Low Life', we would like to invite you to submit your top ten singles of the year. Here is the list of singles we propose,but of course not the definite one. You are welocme to add your own, but mind the tags: #newwave, #synthpop #post-punk #darkwave #minimal-synth #artpop #italo-disco #electronic #goth

01. Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill 
02. The Smiths- How Soon is Now? 
03. The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary 
04. Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls 
05. Depeche Mode- Shake the Disease 
06. Killing Joke- Love Like Blood 
07. Simple Minds- Don't You (Forget About Me) 
08. New Order- The Perfect Kiss 
09. The Cure- Close to Me 
10. Talk Talk- Life's What You Make It 
11. King- Love and Pride 
12. Grace Jones- Slave to the Rhythm 
13. The Cure- In Between Days 
14. Echo & The Bunnymen- Bring on the Dancing Horses 
15. Jesus and The Mary Chain- Just Like Honey 
16.Tears for Fears- Everybody Wants to Rule The World 
17.Arcadia- Election Day 
18. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Cities in Dust 
19. a-ha- The Sun Always Shine on TV 
20. David Bowie and Pat Metheny Group- This is not America 
20. 'til Tuesday- Voices Carry
21. Double- Captain of Her Heart
22. Fine Young Cannibals- Johnny Come Home
23. Tears For Fears- Shout
24. Duran Duran- View to A Kill
25. The Dream Academy- Life in a Northern Town
26. Bronski Beat feat Marc Almond- I Feel Love
27. The Cure- A Night Like This
28. Talking Heads- Road to Nowhere
29. Roxy Music- Don't Stop The Dance
30.Sting- Russians
31.Pet Shop Boys- Opportunities
32. Clio- Faces
33. Propaganda- Duel
34. Simple Minds- Alive and Kicking
35. The Smiths- The Boy with the Thorn in his Side
36. Sandra- Maria Magdalena
37. Icehouse- No Promises
38. Yello- Vicious Games
39. Love and Rockets- Ball of Confusion
40. Tears for Fears- Head over Heels
41.The Replacements- Bastards of Young
42.Big Audio Dynamite- The Bottom Line
43.Prefab Sprout- When Love Breaks Down
44.Felt- Primitive Painters
45.Book of Love- I Touch Roses
46.Colourbox- The moon is Blue
47.The Associates- Breakfast
48. Mr. Mister- Broken Wings
49. Katy Gray- Hold me Tight
50. Ruth- Polaroid/Roman/ Photo

Retrovision: Kirlian Camera- Blue Room

"Blue Room" was released thirty years ago and it was the only single release for them in 1985. In the second half of the 80's decade the sound of Kirlian Camera became gradually darker, moving away from the synth pop sound that marked some of their early releases. Not sure who directed the video for the song, but it prefectly refelcts the really anxious, claustrophobic and emotionally exciting atmosphere of the song. Kirlian Camera is still pretty active in music and two year ago they released a brand new studio album with the new line up. 

Girls Names to Release 'Arms Around A Vision' in October

Girls Names are back with a new album this year which will be out in October. The album will be entitled 'Arms Around A Vision' and it will be their third studio album and a follow up to their brilliant 'New Life' album from 2013. 'Arms Around a Vision' is expected to be more widescreen and  also more direct and aggressive. Conceptually, the album acts as a love letter to European elegance – Italian futurism, Russian constructivism, Germany’s Zero Group and both Neubaten and Bowie’s Berlin. (from the Press Release). The album is set for release on October 2nd on Tough Love. "Reticence" is the first track out of 12 which was premiered on Quietus. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dimension Gondry: Radiohead- Knives Out

A new dimension Gondry episode is here. It's the video for Radiohead's song "Knives Out" which was released in 2001 and which was taken from their album 'Amnesiac'. The video features Thom Yorke in a hospital by the bedside of a woman.. The whole video was shot in one take, quite remarkable considering the scene changes required. Attempts to interpret the surreal imagery and fit it with the song lyrics were dashed when Gondry eventually revealed that the video was autobiographical. Some may find thematic parallels with Gondry's later film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The "Knives Out" video was not included in Gondry's compilation DVD 'The Work of Director Michel Gondry'.

Beck's Summer Opener "Dreams" out Now

Beck is back! He does not seem to have taken much break after releasing his brilliant album 'Monrning Phase' last year for which he also won the Grammy for the best album of 2014. He has also left his somber sound behind and decided to come back with more funky disco guitar driven pop which recalls his early 00's hit "Tropicalia", but bit more upbeat. "Dream" is officially out now and what a way to start the summer! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Duran Duran's Album 'Paper Gods' set for Release in September

So a quick update on the new Duran Duran album release. The album will be entitled 'Paper Gods' and for now there are only five songs confirmed.The producer line will include some old and new names including Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson as well some new collaborations which are yet to be announced. The band signed a world wide deal with Warner Bros and the album is expected to be released on September 14th.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Next Wave: Trust in Love

Trust in Love is a brand new music project by Adriana Alba. She is referring to it as a secret love project and it is inspired by colour, movement and dimension. Currently she is Brooklyn based and beside music she also busy directing music videos and has worked among others with Xiu Xiu and Xander Harris. Her debut EP 'Obliquity Series' was released last week on AMDDISCS and features five electro dimensional pop songs. 

Check out the following pages for more info:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

WAW: Class Actress- More Than You

Class Actress will return with a brand new EP this month. This is their first follow up, studio release to their debut album 'Rapprocher', which was released in 2011. The new EP is entitled 'Movies' and it will be out on 'Casablanca' records. Their brilliant video for the song 'More Than You' was premiered on Youtube on June 2nd.