Saturday, November 29, 2014

Retrovision: Experimental Products- Glowing in the Dark

Another great tune from 1984 that sadly did not chart on our 1984 singles countdown. It's one of the two singles Experimental Products released during their career. An excellent and obscure synth-pop at dead center of the eighties sounding very futuristic and ahead of its time. The single was reissued in 2005 and has been covered and remixed by DJ Hell. Even without touching still very up-to-date with today's music.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Spandau Ballet's Story in Music Documented in 'Soul Boys of The Western World'

Britain's iconic band Spandau Ballet story in music have finally been documented in a film.'Soul Boys of The Western World' is a journey through the 1980s and beyond; the story of a band, an era and how one small gathering of outsiders in London shaped the entire world’s view of music and fashion. The film is not only a fascinating, often hard-hitting social and cultural document of the time, but a brutally honest story of how friendships can be won, lost and ultimately regained. 
The film received its World Premiere in Competition at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas in March, to rave reviews. Long-time Julien Temple collaborator Hencken won acclaim for her honest and uplifting archive-only feature documentary, which combines newsreel footage with never-before-seen video from the band's personal archives, as well as candid interviews with all five band members.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Get Well Soon November EPs + Carless Whisper Cover

Get Well Soon announced the release of three brand new EPs for this November. Each EP will come with it's own theme and the album might follow next year. Two of the EPs 'The Lufthansa Heist' and 'The Infinite Desire of Zeppelin Alfred von Nullmeyer' are already released while the third one 'Greatest Hits' will be out by the end of week. They will be releaesd as a limited edition of 10“ vinyl records and as digital download. The gorgeous artwork is by Hermann Schenkel. One of the highlights on the third EP which includes cover songs is the brilliant cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper" which celebrates 30 years anniversary this year.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Next Wave: Hjördis-Britt Åström

Hjördis-Britt Åström is our brand new nordic obsession from Sweden. The man behind the music is Dmitriy Gruber, the founder and the musical mastermind here. Dmitriy likes horror movies, VHS, wine and night drives through the forest and that is what inspires him for his musical creation. The music, bedroom electro, dark and cold, where frozen beats overlap with cunty lyrics leaving a pop song underneath. It's like electoclash is alive again for a moment thinking back to early Ladytron and Miss Kitten. Vocal duties come from among others Yana Semour and Mariana Diakova who are part of his team. This has been a great year for Hjördis-Britt Åström as they managed to release two albums (II) and (III) and several EPs. Music with great sense of personality and style. We hope to have more of them in the near future, meanwhile check the music.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

OMD's Junk Culture Deluxe Reissue Announced

During their recent interview for BBC Radio 6 Music, Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys have confirmed the 2CD deluxe reissue of their fifth studio album "Junk Culture" from 1984.The album which peaked at #9 in the UK and #182 in the US and gave us four hit-singles - "Locomotin, "Talking Loud And Clear", "Tesla Girls", and "Never Turn Away" - will be reissued next year instead of previously announced November 25th of this year. More info on the album's re-release to follow soon. 

Comateens Debut Album Reissued on CD

A very limited Collector's Edition of COMATEENS, the band's self-titled debut album recorded in December 1980, released in 1981 and never before available on CD has been released as a limited edition.The album also Included a bonus track, the first 1979 recording of "Cool Chick" featuring Ramona Jan on guitar and Harry Viderci on drums, and originally released on a self-produced 7" vinyl single. 
The tracks on this CD were transferred directly from the original master tapes of the album and so capture the true sound of the band at the dawn of the '80s, including any imperfections that might exist on those original tapes. The CD cover is a replica of the bands first U.S. release on vinyl, and features the iconic photography of Jean Baptiste Mondino. The inside cover presents the design that was used on the European release of the LP and cassette with photos by Joe Stevens. 
More info:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WAW: Der Noir- L'Inganno

Our next video comes from Italy based trio Der Noir. It was released last year as well as their debut album. Their is a very dark tone preset in their music which is visualized in the artistic b&w music video which was recorded by by Simone Mogliè & Fernanda Veron. The song also features an unusual combination and mix of German and Italian singing vocals.

Dimension Gondry: Beck- Deadweight

We could easy go on with ten videos from Bjork, but let's see who else Gondry worked with and whose ideas he managed to visualize in a music video. We will stick to the 90's in this next one and it is Beck from his tropical side. Gondry directed two videso for Beck, "Cellphone's Dead" and "Deadweight" and we decieded to feature the second one, which has also appeared as a soundtrack to the movie 'A Life Less Ordinary'. The video features scene from the movie and Beck in paradoxical world where the video and movie are in dialogue with each other, a rather different take on a movie soundtrack.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

In Conversation: Minuit Machine

Minuit Machine have already been introduced to our blog during the last month. Hailing from France to some they might be new comers and to the other already a familiar name in Darkwave waters. We decided to catch up with the girls and find out something more about their sound machine. As already mentioned, the duo took shape in 2013 when they released their debut EP. This is a big year for them as they have released their debut album 'Live and Destroy' and they are currently touring an promoting it. Let's see what Hélène and Amandie have to say about Minuit Machine, past, present and future.

1. B- When I saw your name for the first time for a second I was confused and associated to the classic Moroder’s outfit Munich Machine. Many people might wonder what the story of behind the name Minuit Machine is? Any reference to it?
H - Haha, I never thought about that! There is no particular references to Munich Machine. I was looking for a good association of two french words that would represent the music we play. And it came suddenly one night, « Minuit » means « Midnight » in french and « Machine » is the same word in both language. I can’t really explain why but it was an evidence, the perfect combination.

2. B - Let’s take this past reference to talk about the influences. Is there any particular artist or genre that influenced the music of Minuit Machine?
H - Of course, a lot of bands influence our music, past and present. But when we are composing the songs, it’s something that comes from really deep, it’s our emotions that we’re changing into sounds and melodies. I remember when we played our first gig, someone told us that he recognized the influence of The Human League in our music and I was really surprised because I love that band and I would say that yes, this is one of my biggest influences. But I’m not conscious at all about how people can hear those influences in our music, we don’t even really think about it. But to tell a few names, for me, it would be: Xeno&Oaklander, The Human League, Depeche Mode, The Frozen Autumn, Gold Zebra, Linea Aspera, Tears for Fears, Turquoise Days…
A – Yes, exactly :). I feel like the melodies and lyrics I’m creating now are influenced by all of the artists I’ve been listening to in my life. But if I had to pick a few bands that are always on my mind, I would say: IamX, Metric, Erasure, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

3. B -You mentioned on bandcamp that you both met in 2013 when Hélène was still touring with her band Phosphor. Minuit Machine was born soon after it. What happened to Phosphor?
H - I started Minuit Machine in june 2013 and Phosphor splitted up in november 2013. but there is no link between this two facts. I lived in London during two years and I met Nathalie and Jake there but I moved back to Paris at the beginning of 2013. I was travelling every month to practice or touring with Phosphor and it worked pretty well! After a european tour in october, Jake told us that I wanted to leave the band for personal reasons. It was quite a shock but we totally understood those reasons. We decided that it was the end of Phosphor because we couldn’t imagine the band without him.

4. B- Hélène you have experienced working with a band of three people and now a duo. The musical direction has more or less remained the same. What is different concerning the song writing and performing live? What is the best fit?
 H - For me, those two projects are totally different. I joined Phosphor when Nathalie and Jake already released a first EP and they needed someone to play the synth. Little by little, I have been involved in the composition process but for me, it always has been Nathalie and Jake’s project. I learned so much thanks to Phosphor and I’m really proud to have been in this band with those two fantastic artists. But in Minuit Machine it’s totally different, it’s my baby! My sensibilities, my emotions… I can totally express myself. With Amandine, we work in a complementary way, making all the decisions together. But on stage, I would say it doesn’t change anything to be two or three musicians. I’m still playing the synths haha !

5. B- Are you keeping in touch with Jake and Nathalie? Amandine, how about you any previous musical experience? H - Yes but it’s not easy with the distance. Anyway, I follow their musical projects with attention and I am amazed by how things turn out for the three of us.
A – I had my first band when I was 20 years old. We were 4 and our music was a mix between New Wave and Grunge. It lasted 2 years. It was a great first experience but in the end, I didn’t recognize myself anymore in the music we were making. After that, I had several bands, amongst which an electro-rock project.

6. B- Coming back to Minuit Machine. Your debut album ‘Live and Destroy’ is out now. There is this certain dark tone on it. Can you tell us some stories about the recording production process?
H - Generally, I start composing the electronic drums and the bass synth lines. After that, I add some melodic synth lines. I’m working on this melodies until I really feel touched or get emotional… Only at this moment, I know I found something interesting. When the structure of the song is done, I send it to Amandine.
A – When Hélène sends me the instrumental tracks, I listen to them many times so that I can feel the global atmosphere. This atmosphere is what inspires me to create a melody and write the lyrics. My goal is always to find lyrics and melodies that suite Hélène’s synths and electronic beats.
H - After that I mix all the tracks together and rework the whole song until we’re both satisfied with it.

7. B- How do you promote your music, social networks vs live shows?
A – These last years have been very hard for the music business and the new artists. So we believe it is paramount not to neglect any way of promoting our music. Facebook and Twitter are the perfect tools to communicate and make people know our music. Live shows are extremely important too. When we’re touring, we meet lots of people, and it is also a chance for us to prove that we’re a real band with powerful live sounds.

8. B- What music are you listening when you are not recoding your own? With this year’s end approaching any special album you would like to share with the fans? An album you will remember 2014 for.
 A – The music I listen to depends very much on my mood. I would say that these days, I love listening to grunge music. A few weeks ago, I was into italo disco, and before, I was into pure 80’s bands like Roxette, The Cure (their old records) and Erasure. I also listen to more recent artists such as Empathy Test and Coctail Twins. I know that Coctail Twins are gonna release an EP soon, and I can’t wait to listen to it. My 2014 album are Oblivion by Ash Code.
H - I’m kind of obsessive when it comes to music. I don’t fall in love often but when it’s happen, I can listen to the same song or album over and over again. Last year, I was obsessed by the album « Sentinelle » from Xeno & Oaklander and the song « Love, french, better » from Gold Zebra. This year, it’s the songs « Deliverance » and « RFLX » from H ø r d and « Losing Touch » by Empathy Test. For the 2014 album, I would say the self titled one from Keluar.

9. B- What lies on the horizon of Minuit machine, beside the live performances and promotional activities, what else is in plan for Minuit Machine?
A – For now, we’re pretty much focusing on the tour but we have lots of plans of Minuit Machine, such as a second album for 2015 and maybe a very special release before… :)

10. B- How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Where, links? 
A – For news, you can like our page on Facebook: 
Or follow us on Twitter: @minuitmachine. You can listen to our music on bandcamp: or on soundcloud: 

A very special thanks to Amandine and Hélène and to Cagliostro from You Can Utopia blog!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Retrovision: Belaboris- Rakkauden Jälkeen

Thirty years ago Belaboris released their final tune and said good bye to the music world in this format. This was a cover version of the Finish singer Carola who released this song in the late 60's. The band managed to release their one and final album during the same year. Their recording material was recently picked up by Dark Entries Records and released on a compilation entitled 'Once Upon a Time'.

Eyeless in Gaza Release a Compilation of Rare Studio Recordings

This year has recently have been a great come back year for Eyeless in Gaza. They have released a brand new studio album 'Mania Sour' in August and the original album collection has been reissued on Cherry Red during the same month. This new release is entitled 'Mythic Language/Egg Box Mask' an eclectic mix of early Eyeless In Gaza recordings – experimental, plus studio recordings 1981-82, mostly which are aural documents reflecting the variety of settings and conditions under which they were recorded. This does not necessarily display the usual high quality audio standards of Ambivalent Scale who will release this compilation in late November.