Monday, July 29, 2013

Naked Eyes' Fuel For The Fire Reissue Announced for Late August

A much requested reissue of synth-pop pioneers Naked Eyes' 2nd album 'Fuel For The Fire' plus bonus tracks. This comes after our well received reissue of the band's debut album 'Burning Bridges' that was released late 2012. 'Fuel For The Fire' was released in 1984 and featured 1 single "(What) In The Name Of Love" that reached the top 40 in both the U.S. Hot 100 and U.S. Dance charts. This special edition contains ten tracks from the original album plus seven essential bonus tracks which appear on CD for the first time in the UK. 
Available 26/08/2013

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Retrovision- Pas De Deux- Mani Meme

Pas De Deux made their debut with the songs "Mani Meme" in 1983. This one shot video for this song was recorded in December 1982 and featured the singer Dett Peyskens. Everything was arranged and produced by Walter Verdin for Parsley Productions. This and many other songs by Pas De Deux appeared on Minimal Wave compilation 'Cardiocleptomanie' which was released in 2011.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prefab Sprout Announce a New Album for October

It's official, a new Prefab Sprout album will be released this year, on October 7th. The title of the album is Crimson/Red. It is being released by Icebreaker Records, and distributed by Warner ADA. We hope to get more info as well as the artwork, as soon as the official info is out.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. The Best Jewel Thief In The World
2. The List of Impossible Things
3. Adolescence
4. Grief Built The Taj Mahal
5. Devil Came A Calling
6. Billy
7. The Dreamer
8. The Songs Of Danny Galway
9. The Old Magician
10. Mysterious

Next Wave: Neon Lights

Neon Lights is a Spanish post-punk group based in Murcia. The group was formed in 2008 and consists Javi Nieto (Vocals, Keyboards) Diego Monreal (Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals) Edu Méndez (Drums, Percussion) Manuel Villalba (Guitars) and Dani Nieto (Bass). Their dream like post-punk rhythms are under a strong influence by The Cure, The Chameleons and Galaxie 500. Their lyrics tell about the passage of time and dreams that do not quite meet. The band have released several singles during 2012 and their debut album 'Late' is out this year. 'Late' is a collection of 9 songs all produced by Jose Marsilla & Neon Lights. To find out more and stream the album, check out the following links.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Polyphonic Size's Earlier/ Later LP out on Minimal Wave

Minimal Wave Records have released a 'Earlier / Later', a selection of songs by the prolific Belgian synthpop band Polyphonic Size. The Earlier / Later LP are remastered selections, curated mainly from Polyphonic Size’s early output as a band, from when they formed in 1978 to when they began working with JJ Burnel in 1980. The tracks on side A represent their early period were recorded between 1978-1980 and the side B tracks, recorded between 1980-1982, are representative of how their sound evolved whilst working with a producer. The LP will be pressed on transparent red 180 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy printed sleeve with text overlay printed on a clear vinyl outer sleeve, and limited to 999 hand-numbered copies. Release date: July 9th. Sound samples on label's page.

Friday, July 12, 2013

WAW: Sensual Harassment- Capri Suntan

Sensual Harassment are back with a brand new song and video called "Capri Suntan". Their newest creation is a gorgeous 8mm video collaboration made from vintage beach footage of a young couple in Hawaii from 1965. Recorded with Jesse Cannon (great engineer for acts like The Cure, Animal Collective and The Misfits), “Capri Suntan” is the latest single off our new EP Escape From Alpha Draconis and the entire album is available as a free download at their website.


Soft Riot- Fiction Prediction Out Now

A London based Soft Riot is a project of Jack Duckworth a former Vancouverite who has clocked over fifteen years of musical output in various bands and projects. With origins from the mid-nineties in the vibrant art-punk/hardcore dominating the West Coast American/Canadian underground at the time, JJD followed a trajectory through to the revival of synthbased post-punk music just over a decade or so ago, which spawned a number of highly successful Canadian artists out of that scene. 

His new album is entitled 'Fiction Prediction' is a collection of songs selected for a first official LP release, these tracks being a confident advancement in the unique and engaging “Soft Riot” sound developed on prior releases. Drawing inspiration from synthesizer-based film soundtracks of yesteryear, drones, early EBM, minimal synth, a dose of psychedelic synthpop and a heavy dose of throbbing appregiated rhythms, Soft Riot is a science-fiction heavy soundscape that narrates the listener through today’s fractured, excessive landscape with hints of black humour Soft Riot, coming from a more punk rock pedigree, often places more focus than the norm on his lyrical content, bringing in detailed pictures and sometimes even linear narrative storylines to subjects such as modern living, technology, surveillance, environment, overpopulation, enlightenment, life elsewhere, forewarning about catastrophic events, vain people in gyms, and not having enough time. 
The influences come less from other musical artists but more so from written fiction and film —a future predicted by fiction. Where in past musical ventures the path would be aggression, stomp and noise; Soft Riot takes those energies and experiments more with anxiety of tension and unease. A number of these tracks were released in the spring/ summer of 2012 on the limited edition cassette “Hyperbolic Masses”, which was self-released is now completely out of print.