Wednesday, July 26, 2017

1987- The Singles - Submission

This fall we will continue with our 30 year anniversary of 1987 with the selection of Best single releases. As mentioned, an interesting year which was still sort of a crossover year in which some music styles from the first half of the decade started to transform into new genres raising new musical opportunities and opening stages for new kids. The European market was mostly dominated by SAW releases while in the USA it was mostly Madonna, Whitney Houston, U2 who were holding top positions on the charts for several weeks.
Along the commercial level, the creativity was also in bloom in all variety of sounds from Jangle Pop all the way to new trends in electronic music.

 At this stage, we would once again like to invite you top submit your Top 15 list. In order to make it easier for you, we have added around 100 songs that fit the context of of what we post on our blog. There are of course others and that can be included, but they should be official released.
 D/L September 30th.















Prince- I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Prince- Sign "" the Times
Prince- U Got the Look










Keb'n said...

1. George Michael- I Want Your Sex
2. Depeche Mode- Strangelove
3. Curiosity Killed the Cat- Misfit
4. Pretty Poison- Catch Me (I'm Falling)
5. Cure, The- Why Can't I Be You?
6. INXS-Need You Tonight
7. Johnny Hates Jazz- Shattered Dreams
8. Pet Shop Boys With Dusty Springfield ‎- What Have I Done toDeserve This?
9. Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up
10. Swing Out Sister- Surrender
11. T’Pau- Heart and Soul
12. Taylor Dayne- Tell It to My Heart
13. Camouflage-The Great Commandment
14. Crowded House- Don't Dream It's Over
15. U2- With or without You

Anonymous said...

1.Pet Shop Boys- It's a Sin
2.Bryan Ferry- The Right Stuff
3.Erasure- Circus
4.George Michael- Faith
5.The Cure - Just Like Heaven
6.Prince- You got the Look
7.Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance with Somebody
8.Kraftwerk- Telephone Call
9.Mory Kanté- Yé Ké Yé Ké
10.Laibach - Opus Dei (Life is Life)
11.M/A/R/R/S- Pump Up the Volume
12.Vaya Con Dios- Just a Friend of Mine
13.Samantha Fox- Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
14.Sandra- Everlasting Love
15.Yello- The Rhythm Divine


Thomas Vienna said...

As I told you b4 I have been writing my own personal charts since 1982 - what I find on these lists, however, differs from what I like nowadays. Also I must say that many singles from your list only appear on my 1988 list, as I got to know some songs much later than on their release date (Sinead, INXS...) On my 1987 list I got 140 songs, many of which were actually released in 1986 or are even older than that.

So my top 15 from then looks like this:

01 soiuxsie & the banshees the passenger
02 iggy pop real wild child
03 prince sign o' the times
04 the cure why can't i be you
05 the jesus and mary chain april skies
06 u2 with or without you
07 yello & shirley bassey the rhythm divine
08 communards so cold the night
09 the cure catch
10 desireless voyage, voyage
11 the smiths girlfriend in a coma
12 george michael i want your sex
13 simply red the right thing
14 erasure sometimes
15 boy george everything i own

today i would call the following my top 15 from that year (including

01 siouxsie & the banshees the passenger
02 prince sign o' the times
03 sinead mandinka
04 the sugarcubes birthday
05 the smiths girlfriend in a coma
06 the cure just like heaven
07 new order true faith
08 the godfathers birth school work death
09 the proclaimers letter from america
10 pet shop boys & dusty springfield what have i done to deserve this?
11 the fall there's a ghost in my house
12 inxs need you tonight
13 house of love shine on
14 laibach life is life
15 terence trent d'arby sign your name
15 MARRS pump up the volume
15 yello/shirley bassey the rhythm divine
15 jennifer warnes first we take manhattan
15 sisters of mercy this corrosion

obscurites from then:

westworld sonic boom boy
stock, aitkin, waterman roadblock
mel & kim respectable
squeeze hour glass

austrian songs from then

mo send me roses
mo smile (re-release)
majzen simon on the wall


Bori B. said...

1.New Order- True Faith
2.Pet Shop Boys- It's a Sin
3.The Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies
4.Black- Everything's Coming Up Roses
5.Depeche Mode- Behind the Wheel
6.Siouxsie and The Banshees- This Wheel's on Fire
7.The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
8.Fleetwood Mac- Big Love
9.M/A/R/R/S- Pump Up the Volume
10.Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
11.House of Love, The- Shine On
12.Echo and The Bunnymen- Lips Like Sugar
13.Mory Kanté- Yé Ké Yé Ké
14.Sugarcubes, The- Birthday
15.Yello- The Rhythm Divine

Anonymous said...

1. The Cure- Just Like Heaven
2. New Order- True Faith
3. Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again
4. The Pogues- Fairytale of New York
5. Prince- Sign "☮" the Times
6. Crowded House- Don't Dream It's Over
7. Pet Shop Boys With Dusty Springfield ‎-What Have I Done to Deserve This?
8. The Sugarcubes- Birthday
9. R.E.M.- The One I Love
10. The Smiths- Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
11. The Replacements- Alex Chilton
12. Prince- I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
13. The Jesus and Mary Chain- April Skies
14. The House of Love- Shine On
15. U2- Where the Streets Have No Name


Anonymous said...

1. New Order- True Faith
2. House of Love, The- Shine On
3. Sinéad O'Connor- Mandinka
4. Pet Shop Boys- It's a Sin
5. M/A/R/R/S- Pump Up the Volume
6. Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again
7. Midnight Oil- Beds Are Burning
8. The Cure - Just Like Heaven
9. Jesus and Mary Chain, The - April Skies
10. The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma