Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paul Haig

Paul Haig is a Scottish composer, producer and singer. He is known as the frontman of the early 80's post punk outfit Josef K. After the band split Haig embarked on a solo career recording several albums and singles during the 80's and building up his 'Rhythm of Life' organization which still lasts today.

Haig early career starts are connected to Edinburgh's independent record label Rational which released his early work. This included his first singles, as well as the experimental album 'Drama'. The album was released in 700 copies as limited edition cassette only set of home recorded electronica.
In the early 1982, Haig teamed up up with the Belgian independent record label 'Les Disques du Crepuscule' and relocated to Brussels for an intensive recording schedule. This resulted in two new singles, different from what we remember from the late Josef K. period. "Running Away" topped the independent charts in the UK, while the other single "Justice" was not released. Later this year Haig signed the deal with 'Island Records' for a new album, the first recorded in a studio, in New York. His first 'Island' single was a newly arranged "Heaven Sent" announcing the new album 'Rhythm of Life' and a short tour promotion. The album sold respectably but the Josef K. fans could not follow here anymore. Simple bad luck seems to have prevented all three singles providing solid hits which might have allowed Haig to cross over to a new, wider audience. Inexplicably 'Island' failed even to release the album or the singles in the US, the very market to which they had been tailored. While Haig stayed in the USA 'Les Disques du Crepuscule' went on releasing his music around Europe.
In 1984 Haig teamed up with Alan Rankine in London to produce a new album. The first and only single from the album was the song "The Only Truth" co-produced with Bernard Sumner and Donald Johnson. It failed to chart which led to disconnection between Island Records' and 'Les Disques du Crepuscule'. The album remained unreleased and untitled. Rather than release the cancelled set on Crepuscule, it was decided to combine half the album with new songs recorded throughout 1985. Haig launched his fightback later in the year with a powerful single, "Heaven Help You Now", and the excellent album 'The Warp Of Pure Fun'.

Unhappy with Crepuscule, Haig left seeking a new record deal. During 1986 he mostly spent time writing new songs and recording with Billy Mackenzie, the other Associate. In the early 1988, Haig financed recording of a new new album 'Chains' himself on the 'Virgin' offshoot 'Circa'. The album featured the song "Something Good" one of the highlights of Haig 80's era songs. Both the album and the song broke commercially and no tour followed.
In the early 90's Circa financed the recording of another album. It was dance orientated with Curtis Mantronik and Lil Louis as producers. During the 90's he also released 'Cinematique', an instrumental set of imaginary film themes as well as 'Memory Place', an album compiled by the songs Billy Mackenzie and Paul Haig recorded. In 2001 Haig released another two volumes of Cinematique on his ROL Imprint.

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In 2007 Haig released his first album and single in 14 years. The album 'Electonik Audience' was influenced by Kraftwerk and Cabaret Voltaire. Another album followed in 2008, 'Go Out Tonight'. It marked Paul returning to his roots and tracks such as "Trouble Maker" which are very reminiscent of early solo recordings such as "Chance". Haig also embarked on his first tour since 1989 when he promoted both old and new tracks. 2009 saw the release of the critically-acclaimed album, 'Relive', during December. The album marked a return to form with some songs such as "Ambition" and "Trip Out The Rider" evoking the energy displayed on earlier albums.
Going through the ups and downs of his career which last for almost 30 years. Haig has never released a record with his own face on the frontcover. For me, remaining as one of the most underrated artist of all time.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Instant Hit: The Chameleons- Tears

The Chameleons released their single "Tears" in 1986. This song was a highlight on their album 'Strange Times' which was released in the same year on Geffen Records in UK and USA. Both, the single and the album were produced by Dave Allen and Mark Saunders. The song exist in two different versions and is known as "Tears"(the original arrangement) and "Tears" (the full arrangement). "Paradiso" was the b-side single.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heaven 17 & La Roux Clash

Electro legends Heaven 17 and breakthrough electro artist La Roux join forces at the BBC's Maida Vale studios for a very special session, presented by Steve Lamacq. The artists play some of their own songs, perform on each other's material and also collaborate on a cover.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute

Florida independent record label, '24 Hour Service Station', has assembled a tribute album honoring the music of New Order entitled 'CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute'. The double CD plus bonus disc and digital album are scheduled for release on February 20, 2010. Proceeds from record sales will benefit the Salford Foundation Trust’s Tony Wilson Award, established in memory of Tony Wilson, the founding father of landmark independent record label Factory Records, who died of cancer in 2007.
Artists who have contributed their own cover versions of New Order Songs are: Rabbit In The Moon, DETACHMENTS, Pocket, SUNBEARS!, Kites With Lights, John Ralston and many more.

Tracklist: Ceremony: A New Order Tribute (2CD version)

Disc 1:
1. “Strangely Enough Impact,” Dedication to Tony Wilson by Peter Hook
2. “Ceremony,” Yes But No
3. “Dream Attack,” Kites With Lights
4. “Blue Monday,” Rabbit in the Moon
5. “Crystal,” The Dark Romantics
6. “Sub-Culture,” Pocket featuring Shaun Robinson & Tracy Shedd
7. “World,” Solo Gigolos U.K.
8. “Turn,” Lone Wolf featuring Geri X
9. “Mr. Disco,” Detachments
10. “Paradise,” The Beauvilles
11. “Run,” Christian Webb & Adam Knowles
12. “Thieves Like Us,” Sunbears!
13. “60 Miles an Hour,” GD Luxxe
14. “Love Vigilantes,” Jimmy Oakes
15. “All Day Long,” John Ralston
16. “Temptation,” The Dark Esquire
17. “The Him,” Johnny Parry

Disc 2:
1. “As It Is When It Was,” The Bedford Incident
2. “Round & round,” Sibling
3. “The Perfect Kiss,” Detachments
4. “Your Silent Face,” Flight
5. “This Time of Night,” Kingsbury
6. “Blue Monday,” The Cloud Roodm
7. “Ceremony,” The Sheaks
8. “Sunrise,” History
9. “Chosen Time,” Light Yourself on Fire
10. “Leave Me Alone,” Allegra Gellar
11. “Every Little Counts,” XOXO
12. “Bizarre Love Triangle,” Jimmy Oakes
13. “Regret,” Win Win Winter
14. “1963,” The Milling Gowns
15. “Ceremony,” Yes But Now (Kites With Lights Remix)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Echo & The Bunnymen Team up with Flip

Echo & The Bunnymen have teamed up with Flip to produce the official Echo & The Bunnymen Flip Mino HD Camera. All band members already have one and you can see their videos on their official Youtube channel.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vampire Weekend- Contra

Vampire Weekend have released their second album 'Contra' on January 11, 2010. This is their second album and a follow up to their self titled debut album which was released in 2008. The first single "Cousins" was already released in October 2009. The album has few references on Joe Strummer and his band Clash. The album's title also refers to the 1987 video game 'Contra'.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ian North- My Girlfriend's Dead

A pioneering synth-pop gem by Ian North 'My Girlfriend's Dead' has been reissued by Cherry Red label in the UK. At its time of the release of 'My Girlfriend’s Dead' there were only a handful of other artists such as John Fox, OMD, The Human League and The Normal who were working in the same field of electronic music.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spandau Ballet in Space

The British New Romantic outfit which has recently reformed for a new album and tour has signed a deal to become the firts band which will play in space. The billionaire Richard Branson has retained the recently reunited group’s services as in-flight entertainment in space. Reportedly the band will give a five-minute performance to fewer than a handful of gazillionaires planning to go up as part of Branson’s Virgin Galactic space program. The flight is said to be tentatively scheduled for mid 2011.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lost Videos: Snowy Red- The Long Run